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If you want to start your own website to grow your business, choose a good web host that will meet all your expectations. We are open to any collaboration to host European sites, especially French speaking. Our services are accessible to all budgets and we assure you of their quality. Discounted web hosting services We offer different packages for simple, customizable and reliable accommodation. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth will be granted to you for the proper functioning of your site. You can also create as many email addresses as your business needs and there are companion domains as well. The best part is that by choosing to call on us to host your site, you will be able to take advantage of our unparalleled value for money. All of our rates are affordable and for the quality we offer our prices are the cheapest in the industry. Hosting your site and more In addition to web hosting services, we also offer various e-Commerce offers such as shopping carts, blogs, forums, surveys, polls, auctions and even photo sharing. We offer our customers a range of completely free application tools as well as a wide range of multimedia tools. All of the packages we offer each feature MY SQL databases, Dreamweaver support, FrontPage, FTP and SFTP access, plus Perl, CGI, and php website development for scripting languages. Your domain name will be free with all the subdomains you want to set up. An anti-spam filter and anti-virus software will be installed. We have premium equipment that provides long-term security, reliable power and extremely secure backups. We remain at your disposal for more details.

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